Access Control Security: Solution for Improving Campus Safety

Concerns over campus security and safety can be felt on every institution across the nation. Implementing an access control security system for a college campus can help to create a secure environment for students and educators. Card access using an access control system can heighten security for academic halls, campus centers, and recreational facilities. The system can also heighten security for arguably one of the most important areas on campus, residence halls. With safety and security becoming increasingly important to students and administrators, considering what access control can do for a college campus is critical.

Access Control Security in Residence Halls

Using a card access system in residence halls increases security and provides a multitude of benefits for students and administrators. Access control offers stronger credential controls which can easily and quickly be issued and revoked within the campus’s security system. This allows for rapid response in case of an emergency or lock down on campus, and increases feelings of safety for students. Credential controls can also be used to update security measures across campus and for individual students.

Implementing a card system can also prove to be less costly than traditional lock and key security methods. Losing keys and replacing locks is costly and time consuming for staff members. With a card access security system, lost cards can be replaced more efficiently without compromising the safety of other students. Access Control eliminates the need for expensive hardware and, eases the role of facility mangers, and increases residence hall security.

Card access can also be integrated with student identification cards, cafeteria access, and campus store accounts. Combining these features with on campus security is not only convenient for students, but also cost effective for the institution. To learn more about how access control can heighten security on college campus’s, click here for more about solutions from Continental Access.

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