Case Security Healthcare customer

Case Security Healthcare customer

Hospital Security Systems

Now more than ever, hospitals need to be outfitted with the most advanced, fully-integrated security systems. Hospitals are prone to a surprising amount of workplace violence (in several states, nursing is a more dangerous profession than law enforcement) and also account for a quarter of all diverted prescription drugs — second only to pharmacies.

With the welfare of patients, employees, and visitors at stake, healthcare facilities simply cannot afford to install anything less than the best hospital security systems.

Case Security’s customizable hospital security systems in Minneapolis are designed to keep access to entryways, narcotic storage rooms, and other restricted areas safe and secure at all times. Our CCTV and hospital alarm systems are designed to alert guards on duty as soon as a breach of security arises, and they can also be customized to contact outside authorities. Hospitals can also be cleared of liability in the event of an accident with the help of recorded evidence.

At Case Security, it’s our goal to keep healthcare facilities as secure as possible. That’s why we offer only the most cutting-edge technology sourced from the most trusted brands in the industry. We install systems from brands including: March Networks, Video Insight, Digital Watchdog, Continental, Verex, and TruPortal.

Industry Statistics

  • 82% of hospital nurses have been assaulted on the job
  • Hospitals account for nearly 25% of all stolen prescription drugs
  • More than 75% of emergency department physicians experience at least one violent workplace incident a year
  • Drug diversion costs the healthcare industry up to $72 billion per year