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Industrial and Warehouse Alarm System

When it comes to protecting warehouses and industrial plants, only the best security systems are acceptable. Warehouses and industrial facilities contain massive amounts of product, machinery, and equipment far too expensive to be equipped with anything less than the most advanced security systems. At Case Security, we outfit warehouses and plants with varying levels of warehouse alarm systems in Minneapolis.

For the protection of employees and property, we offer warehouse CCTV systems that can document injuries or intrusions that may occur on the grounds of your facility. Our systems will keep your warehouse secure at all times, especially in instances when you don’t have a guard on staff. Eliminate the risk of financial loss by installing an industrial access control system that restricts entry at any and all portals.

When burglars strike warehouses, the damages can often be devastating. If you haven’t updated your warehouse alarm system in a while, be proactive and enhance the level of security on your property to mitigate risk. At Case Security, we understand the needs of warehouses and industrial facilities. We know that security is of the essence, and we source all of our warehouse alarm and CCTV systems from only the best manufacturers in the industry.

Industry Statistics

  • Warehouse burglaries are the highest-value incidents because of the volume of product in one location.
  • An estimated $50 billion is stolen from warehouses around the globe each year.
  • 87% of losses happen in freight yards or warehouses.