Protecting Your Business Over The Long Holiday Weekends

Each year, businesses are faced with nearly 1.5 million burglaries. This has cost business owners up to $800 million in property loss or damage. Of those burglarized, businesses without alarm systems are nearly five times more likely to become a target. Here, we will take a look at how the proper security surveillance systems can help keep you secure during the coming months.

With the holidays around the corner, it’s becoming more and more important for business owners to consider their options. A recent report from the FBI stated that most commercial burglaries occur when businesses are closed. It comes as no surprise why burglars choose these opportune times; at these hours, businesses are left defenseless and vulnerable.

In addition, businesses with a large amount of holiday foot traffic are far more likely to experience theft simply due to the inability to have eyes on customers at all times. Even if you are adequately staffed, you can never a visual on everyone during every moment of the day. Both of these factors combined create the perfect environment to fall victim to property loss or damage.

In an effort to reduce this risk, business are seeing the benefits of installing the proper security surveillance systems. Options such as DVR recording and mobile remote viewing are two critical defenses against theft or damage. With DVR, business owners are able to review both past and current operations with the added benefit of off-site viewing. Mobile remote viewing provides an additional safe-guard to quickly view and notify business owners when alarms are activated or security threats are in process.

As the holidays are fast-approaching, Case Security urges business owners to consider such systems before the rush begins. With these combined measures, business owners can rest assured that their businesses will be all the safer during the busy holiday season.

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