Security Card Access Systems for Multi-Tennant Properties

As the owner of an apartment complex or a multi-tenant property, resident safety should be your top priority. Security card access systems can provide your tenants with peace of mind by increasing security throughout your property. Heightening the level of security will not only satisfy your tenants, but also provide benefits for your business. Here are a few ways a security card access system will positively impact your multi-tenant commercial property:

Increases Value of Property  

Safety is an invaluable feature for many individuals. Those in search of leasing within a multi-tenant property are seek security both within the facility itself and their individual spaces. Installing a card access system will increase demand for space within your facility and could potentially lead to a classification change of the building.

Provides Peace of Mind for Tenants  

Installing a security card access system within your complex will allow your tenants to feel safe in their homes. Increased security prevents wrongdoers from entering while simultaneously allowing tenants easy access to your property.

Leads to Increased Occupancy

One of the biggest deciding factors for occupants when choosing where to live is safety. Installing a security card access will increase your tenant’s feelings of safety and attract more leasers to keep occupancy high.

Lowers Turnover Rates 

The safer your tenants feel, the more likely they will be to renew and or extend their occupancy. The benefits provided by installing a card access system will not only make your tenants happy, but also lower turnover costs and loss of occupancy.

Protects You Against Liabilities

Installing and maintaining a proper security system will better protect you against liabilities that may occur. A security card access system prevents intruders and track who enters the complex while reassuring your tenants you a providing them with the appropriate measures to keep them safe.

Creating a safe space for your tenants will not only provide benefits for your reputation, but also for the bottom line of your business. Installing a card access system as part of your complex security system will provide your tenants with the peace of mind they need to feel secure and protected.

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