Surveillance Cameras in Prisons – The Need for More Safety

Surveillance Cameras in Prisons

The need for surveillance cameras in prisons is always in demand. Jails and prisons are places that you would think would have enough cameras to cover every inch of the grounds, but the truth is, that is not necessarily the case.

A Look at Minnesota Prisons

The Minnesota Department of Correctional Facilities¬†¬†has the number of inmates at the Red Wing prison at 43. Now there are also nine other prisons in Minnesota. Correctional officers have the duty to keep an eye on 43 inmates. Depending on where the inmates are, it’s very hard to keep an eye on them at all times. They don’t have videos online, but prison is known for being a rough and dangerous place for an officer to work. It’s almost impossible to keep your eye on every inmate, leaving room for violence or an assault on an officer.

Is There a Problem?

In Parker County Texas, eight prisoners were in a cell when one of the officers outside of their cell suddenly collapsed to the ground. The inmates were shouting for help when they took the matter in their own hands to break out and save the officer. They said that it would’ve been at least 15 minutes before anyone else would’ve shown up and that wouldn’t meant the officer most likely would’ve been dead. The question is, why would it have taken 15 minutes? Didn’t anyone see the officer collapse via surveillance?


Adding more surveillance cameras in prisons provides nothing but benefits. Prison is a place where being sneaky and hidden is something every inmate wants to do when conducting illegal activity while locked up. Adding surveillance cameras can prevent drug smuggling by going back into the cameras and reviewing any suspicious activity. Adding them also increases the workers ability to monitor more inmates at a time. Lastly, monitoring the moving of inmates is a very dangerous and critical time, adding more cameras can increase visual evidence and safety for the prison guards.

Adding surveillance cameras from Panasonic will not only keep the prison guards safe from any violence or assaults, but it will keep the prison as clean as it can be, meaning there won’t be much illegal activities that can’t be seen by adding in more cameras.

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