How Video Surveillance Cameras Help Increase Security

Sadly there have been many major crimes that have happened in this world, but video surveillance cameras help in many of these situations.  We have solved many of these crimes, and have found the people responsible for committing the crimes.

Boston Bombings

On April 15th 2013, the world famous Boston Marathon was bombed. After reviewing security camera tapes, they were able to narrow the suspects down to two people. They ended up calling them black hat and white hat because they didn’t have enough evidence to be 100% sure to identify the suspects names, but later were able to identify them when releasing these videos to the public, helping them catch these criminals.

The Nail Bomber

Over three successive weekends between 17 and 30 April 1999, Copeland placed homemade nail bombs, each containing up to 1,500 four-inch nails, in holdalls that he left in public spaces around London. After setting off the three bombs successfully, the bombs killed three people, including a pregnant woman, and injured 140, four of whom lost limbs. After reviewing the surveillance tapes very carefully, they were able to identify who Copeland was and capture and arrest him.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Having surveillance cameras not only provides the feel of safety, but as we can see from these incidents, that it is proven to secure the safety of our people and arrest those who are committing crimes.

Case Security can provide top of the line surveillance cameras to help keep your business safe.  In additional, we also provide access control, card access, CCTV, video surveillance, or monitored alarm.

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