Safety: Video Surveillance Cameras In Twin Cities Parks

Video Surveillance Cameras – Twin Cities

Video Surveillance Cameras are one aspect of security that can be implemented in public areas.  Police say that public parks are hard to patrol. Unlike Buildings and streets, parks don’t have a set boundary. This makes it hard to specify where something is happening. If a call comes in about a crime at a park, the police have a hard time locating exactly where it happened. Parks make it an easy opportunity for crime because they are a common place for people to walk through in order to get from point A to point B, in this case it’s the Twin Cities which is home to hundreds of public parks.


Adding security cameras around the Twin Cities parks can help monitor and possibly identify the exact person who caused the crime by looking back at recordings captured by these video surveillance cameras.   Recordings can capture height, gender, and what the criminal was wearing at the time of the crime.  Making it easier for them to track this person down. Now even if there isn’t a threat of crime, looking up at a street light and seeing a camera gives a person that extra feel of comfort when deciding if they should take that way back home.  On the other side, this could also deter people from committing crimes.

Partnering with Panasonic security systems, Case Security offers the best video surveillance system cameras. Making the park and the people of the Twin Cities feel safer and more secure.  For any questions or needs regarding any of your video surveillance, card access, access control, intrusion detection, monitored alarm, or CCTV please contact us here.

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